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Architecture in La Habana, Cuba

La Habana is like going back in time to Barcelona 50 years ago …

For me, being in La Habana feels like being home in Barcelona, it has a similar vibe & similar architecture with a similar location on the coast.

I was in La Habana 15 years ago and the transformation is already impressive, especially in Habana Vieja.

The city´s restoration office is doing a fantastic job, the main squares have been beautifully restored, many are better than they were originally.

Looking at my photos, I can see Im attracted to the more derelict looking buildings and those that havent been “beautified” yet, which is obviously the great majority of the city, but the improvements are vast and its easy to see how spectacular La Habana used to be and how it spectacular it will be again in the future ….

I would love to live in La Habana for a while …… Never say Never 🙂

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