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Art in La Habana, Cuba

Im in Art gallery heaven in La Habana, there are artists galleries on EVERY corner !!!

So many pictures, so many artists, I will never remember all their names but I couldn’t resist taking so many photos.

I will be back to buy LOTS of art when:

  • a) I have an apartment to live in, rather than random hotel rooms for the next year
  • b) When Ive organised a DHL account to ship all my lovely new art to wherever that apartment may be 🙂

In particular a shout out to Dennys at Almost Famous Gallery, Im in LOVE with half the pieces in your gallery, I hope you keep painting lots more colourful, funky faces for me to chose from !

Callejon de Hamel – An area in Centro Habana full of Street Art, murals, art galleries & community art projects dedicated to Afro Caribbean culture, Sunday lunchtimes they have frenetic rumba music & dancing in the street.

We were lucky to see the “Xico” exhibition of Mexican dog sculptures painted by various Latin American artists, on display in several of Habana Viejas plazas.

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