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AsiaCambodiaTravel NinjasZZ Ninja KidZZNinjaKid: World Snooze Tour

World Snooze Tour Bed #43 Rose Apple Hotel, Siem Reap, Cambodia I like little boutique hotels like the Rose Apple, it has 18 bedrooms, we were in room #15 overlooking the pool, it had a double bed and aircon & a ceiling fan. It kind of felt like home because

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AsiaCambodiaTravel NinjasZZ Ninja KidZZNinjaKid - Planes, Trains, Autos & Boats

Planes, Trains, Autos & Boats #37 Moto (tuktuk) Cambodia TukTuks in Cambodia are pretty similar to Thailand but they are a slightly different style. In Cambodia the motorbike has a tow bar on the back and they attach a kind of passenger cart to it with 2 small benches so

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