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Ninja Mom: Couch to 5k – Does running ever get easier ???

Does running ever get easier ??
I love the idea of being a runner, it looks like such an easy way to keep fit, just put on a pair of running shoes and off I go along the beach. Unfortunately my experience of running has always been a torturous affair,  convinced Im having a heart attack only 30 seconds after breaking into a jog, I spend the next 30 mins trying to persuade myself Im not about to die, that running isnt the most horrendous activity and that it’ll get easier if i stick at it, which i never do.
So now I cant use the “I dont have time to workout” excuse its time to cross off the “learn to run” goal from my list once and for all.
  1. Get Fit – I hurtled past 21 a while back so Id better start looking after this old body if Im going to drag it all around the world !
  2. Tone up – Where did all my muscle tone go ???
  3. Lose half my body weight is also an appealing idea ;).
Full of good intentions I downloaded several “walk to run 5k” Apps, wasn’t sure which one to chose so I bought a handful, stupidly thinking that the paid ones would motivate me more than the free ones ?¿
A few weeks later and Id halfheartedly tried one of them (from the comfort of my sofa) but gave up being chased by zombies when I realized the app wasn’t compatible with my music playlist, obviously couldn’t contemplate running without music so that gave me another perfect excuse, hadn’t even put my running shoes on !
Finally admitting I just dont have the willpower to motivate myself I decided to hire a Personal Trainer to literally drag me out running and chase me along the beach with a stick.
I chose Michelle from ??????????? shes a Mum of twins and does boot camp fitness sessions on Barcelona beach, whipping Barcelona mums into shape for Operation Bikini (I think my bikini days are over, but hey as they say in Spanish “esperanza es la ultima que se pierde” (roughly translates to “hope is last thing to be lost”)
My aim is to be running 5k three times a week before the summer vacation, I want to make it look easy, striding out, smiling and talking as I run, as if Im actually enjoying myself !!
Watch this space ….
Update May 2015:
I ran with Michelle for 2 months and was actually (almost) enjoying it, we were doing 5k in 45 mins on a walk to run program, I was only running once a week so my rather slow progress was totally due to my laziness and not Michelles lack of encouragement.
I know its going to sound like ANOTHER excuse but I had eye surgery recently and it didnt go as well as expected (more about that on another post) so Ive had to stop running for a while.
Watch this space (again) for future progress, Operation Bikini 2015 is looking even more dubious now ……

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