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Gluten Free in Orlando, USA

Eating Gluten Free in Orlando wasn’t too difficult as long as we researched the restaurant options before going out.

The concierge at our hotel recommended these places that were within walking distance from the hotel, although they couldn’t understand WHY we would want to walk when we had a car ?!

  • a) We’re European, we like walking.
  • b) Im gagging for a glass of vino/beer/frozen margarita !!! 😉


BJ’s Brewhouse & Restaurant – Nice modern “sports bar” style restaurant, family friendly with lots of healthy & gluten free options. ZZ loved their gluten free pepperoni & pineapple pizza & their gluten free “pizcookie” dessert. They have an extensive menu of their own brews, if you like beer. I tried their Mojito which was average and slightly expensive. Meal for two of us $40 USD (inc tip)

TGIF – Our concierge said they had gluten free options, this isn’t entirely true as they offer a few dishes which can be adapted to “gluten sensitive” diners. Not a bad meal, although all very fried for my taste, if you get there before 7pm they have a Happy Hour on their own brand drinks. Meal for two of us $50 USD (inc tip)

Chilis – We ate at Chili’s several times as they have a good selection of gluten free Mexican style meals. ZZ loved their guacamole & shrimp fajitas and an added bonus was the “ipad” screen on the table with video games. I personally loved the 2 for 1 frozen Margaritas 🙂 $50 USD for both of us (inc tip)

Golden Corral – not sure how much of the huge buffet was actually gluten free but ZZ had a ball and no bad stomach the following day so perhaps it was better than I thought. $30 for both of us (inc tip but no alcohol)

Bubba Gump Shrimp – After a long day at Universal we were starving, we’d already checked that Bubba Gump had some gluten free options and ZZ was excited as shrimp is one of his favourites.  We sat at the bar as the restaurant had a 45 min wait time. ZZ had the accidental mahi & shrimp with lemon garlic sauce, it was absolutely delicious. I had the Borbon mahi & shrimp which was tasty but not as good as the lemon/garlic sauce. The dishes are actually quite small for the US, a main wasn’t enough for a hungry 8 yr old so at $20 USD a plate thats not great value.  We paid $60 USD for the two of us (inc tip no alcohol)

(Lots of our food photos are missing or look rubbish as I keep forgetting to take photos of our meals while they’re still intact, as it means getting ZZ to sit on his hands for a least 10 seconds after the plate gets to the table. My the time Ive got the camera ready he’s demolished half the plate, anyone watching must think I dont feed him !! Hoping I will improve with time 🙂

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