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Gluten Free Pizza with exotic toppings – Pizza Express, England

We’ve tried several Pizza Express restaurants in England, we call them “posh pizzas” as they have some deliciously exotic toppings that are all available with a yummy, crispy gluten free base.

Our favorites are: Pepperoni & Hot Chilli, Prosciutto & Figs,  Goats Cheese, Spinach & Caramelised Onion.

They’re also very family friendly with kids menus, colouring pencils & activity sheets to keep the younger diners entertained while the adults enjoy a nice (but expensive) glass of wine 🙂

Pizzas are 10-12 GBP ($15-$18 USD) and a glass of wine a whopping 6-8 GBP ($9-$12 USD) …. Im missing Spain where we get a decent BOTTLE for that price !!!



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