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Geek Ninjas: International SIM cards for mobile & internet tethering

I had a romantic idea that on our RTW adventure we would be happily less connected from our digital lives, unfortunately the reality is somewhat harsher.

We’ve only been in the UK a few days and already Im realising we NEED internet & phones for tonnes of stuff that doesn’t involve: Facebook stalking, Minecrafting, YouTubing etc. We need internet for researching & booking tickets/attractions/hotels/transport/visas/banking etc etc the list is endless.

So Plan B is to get a “pay as you go – PAYG” SIM card in each country and use it in my dual SIM Android smartphone, then connect it to my laptop via tethering, watch this space ….


Surprise, surprise its not as easy as I thought as most of the main high street mobile providers have blocked tethering from their PAYG SIMs. Lucky we’re staying with family & friends who have decent wifi at home 🙂

  • Vodaphone, O2, Three, Asda, Virgin, TalkTalk, BT Mobile: all offer 10GBP 30 day deals with call & data packages for smart phones (300-500MB) but NO tethering.
  • EE, Tesco, GiffGaff: Apparently these provider so allow tethering on their PAYG SIMs but I personally couldn’t find a store in my area.


Hurray, T-Mobile offer a PAYG which allows me to tether my smart phone providing wifi to my laptop. It will even cover our trip to Mexico in November, lets see how far I get with 3GB ?

  • Unlimited Voice, Unlimited Messaging, International texting from the US, Canada, and Mexico to virtually anywhere at no extra charge. Unlimited Data (All these services cover the US,Canada & Mexico). Includes Smartphone Mobile HotSpot, tethering up to 3GB = $60 USD month.
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