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ZZ Ninja Kid: Monster Jam Truck Show Barcelona

Never say never …. 7 hours of Monster Trucks doing acrobatics wouldn’t have been on my bucket list of ways to spend a hot saturday in Barcelona, but I admit Im hooked !


ZZ Ninja Kid has been watching Monster Jam on YouTube and when we happened upon a bus the other day with a huge advert for the Barcelona show there was no way I was going to get out of it !

We booked the whole shabang, decent seats & entrance to the “Pit Party” so ZZ could get up close to all the cars, meet the drivers & get their autographs.

He LOVED it !

The Americans really know how to put on an extravagant show with all the WOW factor.

We each picked 2 drivers who we thought would win the Monster Jam Barcelona Cup.

I chose El Diabolo (very cool chassis with a devil face on the roof, including giant inflatable tongue)  & NEA (a beautiful silver shiny chassis).

ZZ favourites were Monster Energy & Scooby Doo (both drivers were very kind to him when he went to meet them, the Scooby Doo driver is a very glamorous chick !).

Well my criteria chosing Monster Jam trucks based on how pretty they are was obviously a mistake, El Diabolo & NEA both demonstrated hardcore wow factor but both crashed in spectacular fashion and had to be removed by the crane, NEA without a couple of wheels & El Diabolo having lost half his chassis and smoke billowing out of every orifice.

Scooby Doo & Monster Energy both did really well and actually managed to drive round for the victory lap !

A great family friendly day out for adults & kids, I would definitely recommend the Pre Pit Party, although it adds on an extra 4 hours, it made the drivers and cars seem so much more “real” to ZZ.



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