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Sunday Morning in Nassau, Bahamas

Sunday in Nassau – If you don’t fancy church with the locals, head over to the beach

Nassau harbour is one of those extremely stressful ports where hundreds of taxi touts and tour companies literally grab you and try to drag you off to their car/bus/boat with promises of showing you the best of “whatever it may be”. We were slightly overwhelmed by the crowds surging upon us and took a quick exit from the port to go explore by ourselves, which in hindsight was possibly NOT the best idea as downtown Nassau is a bit of a non event.

Downtown Nassau

Important note: If your cruise arrives on Sunday morning at 7am, Id now recommend (in hindsight) take a tour/taxi to visit the island, or one of the spectacular beaches on Paradise Island or just go straight to church, which is where 95% of the locals are !

Shopping in Nassau

If you want to buy diamonds, emeralds & expensive “duty free” watches there are dozens of places with touts on every corner offering supposedly exclusive discounts. If thats not your thing, just avoid altogether !

Junkanoo Beach

Walkable from the cruise port, its just 10 minutes round the bay. A nice town beach with white sand, turquoise water & lots of beach huts selling rum 🙂

Paradise Island

THIS is the place to go when in Nassau ! Home of Atlantis luxury resort and where most of the cruise guests head to on expensive excursions at the all-inclusive resort. Avoid the tourist trap excursions and just grab a cab over the bridge to the beautiful beaches.

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