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ZZ Ninja Kid: World Snooze Tour #17 Cruising the Caribbean

Best Bed so far !

Ninja Grandma & Ninja Grandad joined us for a week on Oasis of the Seas. It was fantastic !

We had two staterooms next door to each other with big balcony’s overlooking the sea. Mama & I had a huge king size bed which was the most comfortable bed so far on my “World Snooze Tour”. It had a lovely soft mattress that was like sleeping in a bouncy cloud, even better than Mama’s bed at home.

At night we left our balcony door open so we could hear the sea, the sun came up every day at 5:30am so Mama got up and had a cup of tea and worked on her computer while I stayed in bed until breakfast time.

FlowRiding is my new favourite sport

I learnt to surf on the Flow Rider wave pool. I was there every day at 8am when they opened so it was pretty empty and I got lots of time with the instructor. I was only allowed to go on the Boogie Board, you have to be an adult to surf standing-up. Its much harder than it looks, when you fall off it hurts a lot as the force of the wave throws you to the back of the pool really hard. After 5 days I could surf and do 180º turns on my tummy, knees and sitting down, I could very nearly do a 360º on my knees so I need to come back onboard soon to try again.

Zip Lining across the Ship

Mama finally let me go zip lining across the ship on the last day. She has vertigo and thinks its too dangerous but I really wanted to try it so after 6 days of nagging she gave in.

It’s a weird feeling to jump off the 16th floor and see the sea & swimming pools way down below, the people look tiny but then you start going super fast and its all over really quick.

I LOVE cruising 🙂 but Mama says its a bit expensive and one week blew our budget  🙁

We paid $1200 USD each for a week all inclusive. We could order as many drinks as we wanted: sodas, wine, beer & cocktails,  my Strawberry Daiquiris & Pina Coladas were “virgin” alcohol free.


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