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Ninja Mom: Learning to blog & choosing a domain name

I’m a total blogger “virgin” !  Until now I’ve never even had time to read other people’s blogs let alone create my own.

I figured Id better do a bit of research on how to get started and was blown away with all the info available: ebooks, courses, webinars, podcasts & blogs galore purely dedicated to telling “newbies” how to create the perfect blog (lots of them claiming it only takes 30 mins which I have since realized is a BIG, FAT LIE !!!

Most of the “experts” seem to coincide that the first step was to decide what to call our new travel blog, choose a domain name and register it.

I understand the importance of branding, creating a memorable name with visual impact to stand out from the crowd and appeal to your audience … the theory is easy but putting it into practice, with myself as the only resource,  is slightly more complicated.

After lots of soul searching, google trawling & picking my friends brains, We came up with our new “identity” …

ZZZ World Ninjas 🙂

Why the name ZZZ World Ninjas ?

We wanted our travel diary to be:

  • Personal to ZZ & I: This part was easy, Z is a recurring theme in our family and between the pair of us we have 3 Z’s in our names = ZZZ
  • Descriptive of our new life: We alternated between Adventure & World but chose the more global option = World
  • Child Friendly: This was a much more heated debate as ZZ was keen on: Jedis, Pirates, Creepers & Endermen (Minecraft fans will understand), we finally agreed on Ninjas … although I’m also a secret wannabe Jedi 😉 = Ninjas

The second step was to chose which of the dozens of companies to register our name with …

Again I trawled Google for hours reading reviews, trying to understand the differentiation between them all.

I finally decided on GoDaddy, purely because I think they have an “interesting” branding and are also in a phase of “reinventing” themselves, so that makes two of us !

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