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Ninja Mom: Plucking & Buffing – Spas around the world

Im not a huge consumer of beauty products and services although sometimes I wish I were more of a “spa chick”, maybe this year of rediscovering my mojo will lead me to unknown pastures of pampering 🙂

At the moment its basics only, so here’s where Ive been plucked & buffed by various beauticians in spas around the world  ….


  • Traditional Thai Massage – It was only our first day in Thailand so, wary of choosing a dubious establishment, we opted for Health Land, a “posh” chain of massage parlours = female & child friendly, our Bangkok Sathorn/Silom branch was a huge 8 storey building, very well run with hundreds of masseurs (no happy endings here, I presume). ZZ & both had a 2 hour traditional Thai massage, both of us in the same room on spotlessly clean, comfy mattresses on the parquet floor, we were given cotton “pjs” to wear. Thai massage is based on putting pressure on the muscle rather than “massaging” it, palm pressing & elbow grinding are the order of the day, along with lots of yoga-ish stretching (they do the work, not you) ie: bending your limbs back on themselves. Not entirely relaxing but my neck & back felt MUCH better afterwards. 550THB/€13 each for 2 hours + 200THB/€5 tip.


  • Pedicure & Manicure – It was time for another pedicure so I popped into a very rustic salon on Calle San Ignacio in Habana Vieja, they only had Mani/Pedi options, Im sure it was a ploy to get the “tourist” to pay for two treatments but hey, at $4 USD the manicure & $4 USD the pedicure I didn’t complain.
  • Waxing – I tried for several weeks in different cities to find somewhere to get a leg wax but its obviously not a common treatment in Cuba. I happened to come across a hair salon off Calle O’Reilly, Habana that had a “depilacion con cera” sign outside so popped in, ZZ sat in the hair salon with his Kindle while I disappeared down the corridor to a fluorescent lit treatment room. Waxing was fine, the funny part was when I came out ZZ told me that the whole salon had been discussing how much they could charge the “tourist” for a leg/armpit/eyebrow wax, proposals varied from $20-$50. Little did they all know ZZ & I speak fluent Spanish, so Id already negotiated a $20 fee with the beautician and they had no idea the blonde, blue eyed kid in the waiting room was listening in to their “how to rip off a tourist” conversation !


  • Pedicure – I desperately needed a pedicure so picked a place on Tulum Main Street that didnt even have a name sign outside, just “Salon Belleza/Beauty Salon”, I liked the Zebra print chairs so that was the deal clincher, that and the fact they had the aqua turquoise nail colour I love 🙂 $20 USD/€20


  • Eyebrow Threading – My sister recommended a little eyebrow threading stall in her local shopping mall. I was slightly dubious when the Indian beautician didn’t even notice I was waiting because she was watching a Bollywood series with headphones on her mobile phone, but my doubts were unfounded as she did a great shaping job.  It was more painful than previous sessions but that may well be because they were bushier !  5GBP ($8 USD)- 10 mins
  • Waxing – Another recommendation from my sister, a mobile beautician, why have I never discovered this world of home beauty services before now ??? She came round with her couch and all her beauty paraphernalia and I just whipped my jeans off in the comfort of the lounge, how convenient is that !?  Half leg & underarm wax: 17GBP ($26 USD) – 20 mins
  • Galvanic Facial – Mobile lady again, her mission to remove 3 months of sun cream & sun damage so I don’t look like Im rocking 80 years old ! She scrubbed & massaged & pulsed electric currents through my skin until my face looked & felt taught & tingly. I just wish the results lasted for ever 😉  1 hour treatment: 38 GBP ($60 USD)

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