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Movie: Star Wars, The Force Awakens – Imax 3D with Chinese subtitles

Finally we got around to seeing the new Star Wars movie ! ZZ has been desperate to see it for the last month but it wasn’t showing in Cuba, for obvious reasons.

As soon as we arrived in HK it was one of the first things on our bucket list, we chose the UA Imax in iSquare Tsim Sha Tsui because its supposedly the biggest & best screen & sound in HK (also the most expensive by far !)

It really is an amazing cinema, a huge Imax theatre with an enormous screen and surround sound, but the seats weren’t quite as big & comfy as the Universal Cinema in Orlando !

At 4pm on a rainy, Wednesday afternoon there were only about 10 people in the whole cinema, the movie’s been out for a month already so I guess the die-hards have already seen it !

Chinese Subtitles

The Chinese subtitles seemed slightly weird at first but after 5 minutes we didn’t even notice them.

Hans Solo – my Hero’s been killed off !

I cant believe Hans Solo dies 🙁 ZZ’s worried I wont take him to see the next episodes now my favourite character is dead !

I enjoyed the movie but the plot was pretty weak, considering that Disney knew they were going to make a killing they could’ve made more of an effort !

Wand vs Lightsaber – Wizard vs Jedi !?

ZZ has stopped waving his Harry Potter wand 24/7 and is back to being a Jedi … recently every chopstick has turned into a a lightsaber and he’s constantly using “The Force” to influence, speed up & summon: lifts, taxis, MTR, waiters & me !!!!!

After the movie we ended up buying a new Jedi lightsaber in one of the street markets, $80 HKD ( €10) + batteries, it lights up a really bright “Master Jedi” green and makes really loud “lightsaber” noises every-time you move it, unfortunately I bought a pack of 18 batteries so I guess the noise is with is for a few weeks ! Ive been sitting in our hotel room in the dark, lights off & curtains closed so ZZ the Jedi can practice his moves in the mirror and watch the green laser flash !

Only last week I managed to persuade ZZ to send his 30cm long Harry Potter wand home to Barcelona with Godmother Estelle because we didn’t have room in the suitcase … only to replace it immediately with a 100cm lightsaber !

Cost: €20 each !!! (3D glasses included  to use but not to take home) = Expensive but amazing way to see a movie

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