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ZZ Ninja Kid: Planes, Trains, Autos & Boats #16 Swamp Buggy, Everglades
Travel NinjasZZ Ninja KidZZNinjaKid - Planes, Trains, Autos & Boats

Bear Hunting from a Swamp Buggy Today’s adventure was a swamp buggy trip out into the Everglades to see where the Native American Indians used to live and the some of local wildlife ! The swamp buggy is like a 12 seater open-top truck with a tall frame & big

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Chasing Gators in the Everglades Very cool day speeding around the Everglades on an Airboat, looking for Alligators. I cant believe how many we saw lurking in the water with just their eyes peeking out at us. The Airboat threw some serious 360º spins, I was sitting right at the

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ZZ Ninja Kid: World Snooze Tour #18 Everglades, Florida
Travel NinjasUSAZZ Ninja KidZZNinjaKid: World Snooze Tour

Port of the Islands – Old Florida This hotel is right in the middle of the Everglades, with only swamp and rivers surrounding it ! Mama says its very “Old Florida”. The main building is like an old mansion with a big interior patio, interior balcony’s & arches. A bit

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