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Geek Ninjas: Movie Time - Hotel Transylvania 2
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It was a rainy afternoon so we went to the movies at Universal Studios. We were undecided between Hotel Transylvania 2 or Pan, but HT started earlier so that made our minds up. The cinema was nearly empty, maybe 10 people in total in our theatre. The seats were super

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Geek Ninjas

I had a romantic idea that on our RTW adventure we would be happily less connected from our digital lives, unfortunately the reality is somewhat harsher. We’ve only been in the UK a few days and already Im realising we NEED internet & phones for tonnes of stuff that doesn’t

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I figured Id better do a bit of research on how to get started and was blown away with all the info available: ebooks, courses, webinars, podcasts & blogs galore purely dedicated to telling “newbies” how to create the perfect blog (lots of them claiming it only takes 30 mins

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