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ZZ Ninja Kid: World Snooze Tour #12 Washington DC, USA
Travel NinjasUSAZZ Ninja KidZZNinjaKid: World Snooze Tour

Our 3 days in Washington were a bit miserable due to the weather, it was cold, wet & windy because Hurricane Joaquin was on the East Coast, we had to wear our fleeces & raincoats everyday. We stayed at an Airbnb near Capitol Hill, it was OK but I prefer

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ZZ Ninja Kid: Planes, Trains, Autos & Boats #9 Bus NYC - Washington DC
Travel NinjasUSAZZ Ninja KidZZNinjaKid - Planes, Trains, Autos & Boats

It was pouring with rain in NYC when we caught the MegaBus to Washington DC. The weather had turned bad because of Hurrican Joaquin. The bus was completey full, every seat was taken, we were on the top floor. Everyone was wet when they got on, so the bus windows

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