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ZZ Ninja Kid: Planes, Trains, Autos & Boats #14 Ninja-Mobile II

Ninja-Mobile II

We have our 2nd Ninja-Mobile in Florida 🙂

I wanted to get a Corvette, they had a cool black one and a yellow one that looked like a BumbleBee Transformer, but Mama said we couldn’t fit the Ninja Grandparents & all the suitcases in the back 🙁

So our rental car this week is another Rav4 but this time its royal blue.

We picked it up in Fort Lauderdale and we’ll drop it off in Miami next week after we’ve been to the Everglades & St Petes Beach.

Cost: This was with Europacar/Advantage again. We paid $41 USD per day (x 9 days). Ninja Grandma insisted we pay $45 USD extra for breakdown assistance (which Mama doesn’t usually pay for). We also pre-paid the Sun Pass tolls even though Mama isn’t convinced we get our moneys worth = $7 USD per day.

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