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ZZ Ninja Kid: Planes, Trains, Autos & Boats #16 Swamp Buggy, Everglades

Bear Hunting from a Swamp Buggy

Today’s adventure was a swamp buggy trip out into the Everglades to see where the Native American Indians used to live and the some of local wildlife !

The swamp buggy is like a 12 seater open-top truck with a tall frame & big wheels. They used to use them to hunt gators & bears etc because its the only way to see above the metre high grass.

Its amazing that the Indians used to live in campsites with wooden huts & straw roofs out there in the swamp, we saw a couple of the huts right by an Alligator swamp hole & there was fresh bear poo too !!

Giant Bear scratching post

We also saw a couple of trees that a giant beer uses as his scratching post, Im glad he wasn’t around while we were.

A mama & baby deer walked right in front of our swamp buggy and weren’t scared at all, I reckon they’re so used to seeing gators & bears that a few humans isn’t a problem.

Huge spider nearly gave Ninja Grandma a heart attack

While we stopped for the deer to cross the river, we spotted a giant spider dangling above us, it was bigger than my hand and it was sitting in its web right above Ninja Grandmas head, she nearly had a heart attack when she saw it 😉

Tigers & Lions up close

At the reserve they also had a few animals in a kind of zoo, we thought the cages were a bit small but they said the sanctuary had recently been bought by a new owner who was designing new houses for them all.

At Barcelona Zoo the animals are so far away you can hardly see them but here I was so close to the lion & the tiger I could hear them breathing.  Luckily it was siesta time so they were all sleepy, the female lion was watching me out of the corner of her eye, the tigers were lying against the fence a few centimetres from me, they were snoozing but a gecko was climbing on the white tiger so he kept swiping at it with his paw !

Cost: we paid $40 USD for both of us, the swamp buggy ride was about 45 mins & we spent an hour looking at the animals

Everglades Swamp Buggy Tour


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