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ZZ Ninja Kid: Planes, Trains, Autos & Boats #18 Mexican Ninja-Mobile

Renting a car in Mexico was a bit of a nightmare …

We booked a big Jeep Patriot because we have Ninja Grandma & Ninja Grandad with us and all their luggage ! Mama booked online with Car Trawler, the Mexican rental office was called America, they were very slow & disorganised. We had to wait more than an hour in a line because there were too many customers and not enough workers. Then it took us another hour to get a car, Mama had to argue for an hour and talk to the manager twice because they were so rubbish !

Never rent a car in Mexico with America Car Rental Agency !

They tried to force us to buy extra insurance for $25 USD x day (Mama already has car insurance which covers us all year in every country), when she said she wasn’t being forced into buying unnecessary insurance they told her they needed a deposit of $5000 USD to cover the cost of the car incase we damaged it, Mama laughed at them and said “in your dreams”.

The argument went on & on & on & on …. (I think they were all a bit shocked Mama spoke perfect Spanish because they thought we looked American). In the end they agreed to only take $1000 USD deposit on her VISA card.

When they finally brought us the car it was a small city car NOT a Jeep Patriot !  They insisted they didn’t have any more cars, unless we wanted to pay for a bigger category. I thought Mama was going to leap over the counter and grab the guy but she just told him she wanted to see the manager AGAIN !

Suitcases hanging out of the trunk & another on the back seat !

While we were waiting for the manager, the office guy and his helper decided to prove they could fit all our luggage into the small city car, they spent about 15 mins heaving all the suitcases in and out, trying to make them fit, backwards,forwards & upside-down. The trunk wouldn’t close and they even put a suitcase on the back seat and said I could sit on top of it ! Mama had smoke coming out of her ears !!!!

Eventually Mama got the manager to give us an upgraded Dodge (similar to the Jeep) for the same price we already paid. As we started to drive out of the parking lot the helper guy knocked on our window to say “watch out, the gas tank is totally empty”. Luckily for him Mama couldn’t work out how to lower the window to yell at him.

Our Mexican Ninja-Mobile is a Dodge Journey 7 seater (with 2 seats down so we can fit all our suitcases in)

Cost: $40 USD per day for 11 days (+ $1000 USD deposit which we better get back when we take the car back or Mama will probably call the Police !)

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