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ZZ Ninja Kid: Planes, Trains, Autos & Boats #20 Golf Buggy, Isla Mujeres

Flooring it around Isla Mujeres on a Golf Buggy

We hired a golf buggy for the day to go around Isla Mujeres but even though Mama floored it we still only chugged along like a snail !

Mama drives the Mexican Ninja-Mobile like a Mexican now and she drove the Golf Buggy like a Mexican too, even in reverse. She just puts her foot down and shoves the car into the traffic !

Iguanas & Goddesses

The other end of the island is the most oriental point of Mexico, there is a temple with lots of goddess sculptures and hundreds of iguanas and even a big iguana statue !  Mexico is full of Goddesses & Iguanas !

Turtles & Dolphins

We went to the Turtle Farm and I went swimming with Dolphins – Ninja Grandma & Grandad gave me this as a surprise present because they wont see me for Christmas. This was my best day so far, I LOVE dolphins !!!!!!! (all the photos are on a CD and we dont have a CD player in the computer so Mama will write about the Dolphins if we can find somewhere to burn the photos onto our hard-drive in Cuba next week)

Cost: $550MX ($34 USD) for the day (at least this “car” included insurance so it was easy to rent 🙂

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