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ZZ Ninja Kid: Planes, Trains, Autos & Boats #24 Long distance buses, Cuba

 Cuba has a very organised coach system that goes from East to West several times a day, stopping at most big towns.
Sometimes you can book ahead and sometimes you cant (they dont give a reason why you cant reserve, Mama says its because the ticket office person cant be bothered to work at the moment, the Cubans say its because they are waiting for us to offer them a “tip”, Mama tried lots of times to bribe the ticket office person and sometimes it worked and sometimes it didnt !), they make you turn up 1 hour before the bus leaves and if you cant get a seat you can wait 12 hours for the next one.
Normally the aircon on the Viazul buses is SOOOOOOOOOOOO cold everyone wears jumpers, scarves and even wraps themselves in towels. Sometimes the aircon doesnt work at all and its 40º and everyone sweats.


  • Transtur: Havana – Varadero. (145km) 3 hours, freezing cold aircon way too high, no tv or wifi of course. Cost: $25 CUC/USD each
  • Viazul: Trinidad – Camaguey 4.5 hours (260km) Cost: $15 CUC/USD each.
  • Viazul: Camaguey – Holguin. 3 hours (215km). Cost: $10 CUC/USD adult and for the first time a child discount $6 CUC/USD.
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