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ZZ Ninja Kid: Planes, Trains, Autos & Boats #25 Vintage Russian Cars, Cuba

Weird Ways to Travel #25 Vintage Russian Cars, Cuba

In Cuba almost ALL the cars are over 50 years old because of the trade embargo with America.
There are some really, really cool American cars which are huge and drive pretty well and some really, really rickety old Russian cars that are held together with bits of tape, I cant believe some of these still work, NONE of them would pass their MOT !!!
  • Classic Lada 1500 (blue),  Varadero to Cienfuegos, 160KM, 3 hours, $100 USD/CUC. speed 50KM hour
  • Classic Lada 1500 (brown), Playa Rancho Luna, day trip to Cienfuegos beach.This brown Lada was in even worse shape than the blue one $25 USD/CUC for 5 hours (only 1 hour total driving time but the driver hung around all day and waited for us).
  • Lada 1500 (mustard) Trinidad to Playa Ancon 18km. 25 mins. $13 CUC/€. A young guy who drove like a maniac, the car was falling apart but he had a vamped up stereo system with 4 ghetto blaster speakers and a iPad like screen with music videos to accompany. Frightening when he spent more time watching the screen than the road !
  • Lada (various), Santa Lucia to Cayo Jutias, 30km (return), $20 CUC/€ These were some of the worst cars, we had to ask the driver to give us the window handle (only one in the car, he kept in safe in the glove compartment) so we could open the windows, the petrol fumes were SOOOOO bad inside the car we all felt sick !

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