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ZZ Ninja Kid: Planes, Trains, Autos & Boats #31 Hong Kong Public Transport

Public Transport in Hong Kong is super efficient, clean and pretty cheap

  • MTR – the metro system is really new & clean, the price depends on how many stops you go, aprox $10 HKD (€1) a ride, 50% discount for kids.
  • Trams – $2 HKD (€0.20) a ride, you can go all the way along the bay on Hong Kong Island
  • Star Ferry – Mama loves the Star Ferry, its an old boat that’s been crossing the harbour from Kowloon to Hong Kong Island since 1898. 70,000 people use it every day. It only costs $2 HKD (€0.20) each way
  • Escalators – HK has a really cool escalator that is 1km long and goes all the way up the hill from Hong Kong Central to the mid-levels, the hillside is super steep and some of the streets are cobble stones so its really hard to walk up to the higher streets, 85,000 people use it every day and its free
  • Peak Tram – This tram started in 1888 and it goes really slowly up the mountain from Central to the Peak $80 HKD (€10) adult & $40 HKD (€5) kids, it takes about 10 mins
  • Taxi – taxis are normal old cars here (not like the cool ones in Cuba) theyre pretty normal prices too – $120 HKD (€15) from the Peak to Stanley = 15km it took 30 mins because of traffic. It cost $250 HKD (€30) to the airport.
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