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ZZ Ninja Kid: Planes, Trains, Autos & Boats #33 Boating in Thailand

Planes, Trains, Autos & Boats #33 Boating in Thailand


We took a really cool 3 boat tour in Bangkok, we started off on the big longtail ferry (about 100 people) that goes down the main canal through the centre of the city,

Then we took a smaller longtail (5 people) to explore the smaller canals/klongs that zigzag round the back of city to the other neighbourhoods, its really quiet out there, the houses are all on stilts and a lot of them looked like they were about to all down ! Lots of people use little boats as their normal transport, they also have bridge-like pavements along the side of some the canals.

The 3rd boat on the tour was my favourite, it was a small (only Mama & I and the driver) Rocketboat, its like a tiny longtail but it goes super fast ! Its like a James Bond boat, so the adults say, from the movie Man with a Golden Gun, we really sped through the canals. Cost: 1850 adult/1400 kid THB (€45/€35) = 5 hours

Co Van Kessel Tours

Koh Lanta

To get to Koh Lanta we had to take 2 ferries, they weren’t like normal car ferries though, they were like floating platforms that the cars drove onto, no-one got out because there wasn’t any room to open the door, the cars were packed so tightly together.

From Koh Lanta to Railay we took a passenger ferry, there were maybe 100 people on board, we sat up the front outside so we could see all the islands as we sailed past. Cost: 700 THB (€18) for both of us. 2 hours. 53km

Koh Rok

We went on a day excursion to the island of Koh Rok, we took a speedboat from Koh Lanta which picked us up on the beach outside our hotel, it had 2 x 250hp outboard engines so it went pretty fast. It took 45 mins to go 50km because the waves were pretty big. Cost: 1700 adult/850 kid THB (€43/€21)= 6 hours

Koh Muk & Koh Kradan

We took another speed boat to Koh Muk, it has a secret cove called Emerald Cove inside the island, you can only get inside at low tide and you have to swim through a very long, dark tunnel, its about 800m, I didnt think Mama would do it because she doesnt like dark caves and she really hates caves in water, she always tells me NEVER swim through a cave ! It was fantastic, when you get out of pitch black tunnel you arrive into a cove thats like a “cenote” in Mexico, its a circle with a little beach and rock cliffs all around, the sun peeks in through the roof. Koh Kradan was a beautiful, white sandy beach with swings hanging from the branches. This was Mamas favourite island. Cost: 1700 adult/850 kid THB (€43/€21) = 6 hours

Chicken Island

We took a longtail for a whole day to go snorkeling at Chicken island, its called that because it has a tall bit of rock that sticks up like a mountain and looks like a scrawny chickens neck.

The snorkeling here was amazing, there were billions of fish !

The longtail takes much longer than the speedboat but its more fun, its much rougher too because every wave makes it rock & roll. I prefer this kind of boat. Cost: 2000 THB (€50) for the whole day

Railay to Ao Nang to Phra Nang

The longtail taxis that go along the beaches from Ao Nang to Railay & Phra Nang & Ao Nam Mao cost 100THB each trip (€2.5), its the only way to get on and off these beaches because of the limestone karst & cliffs. On Phra Nang beach there are lots of longtails which are like street food trucks but boats.

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