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ZZ Ninja Kid: Planes, Trains, Autos & Boats #35 TukTuks & Songthaews, Thailand

Planes, Trains, Autos & Boats #35 Tuktuks & Songthaews


In Bangkok & Chiang Mai Tuktuks are like 3 wheeler motorbikes with a bench behind the driver so 2-3 people can fit. In the south on the islands the tuktuks are more like motorbikes with sidecars so you sit on the bench next to the driver.

They are pretty crazy drivers, especially in Bangkok.

I love traveling on tuktuks and I like bargaining with the tuktuk drivers on the price.

I worked out I could negotiate 10 THB for every 1 min the trip would take, so everytime we needed a tuktuk I used Google maps to see where we were going to see how long Google said it would take by car, then I knew how much was the maximum we should pay.

Most trips around Bangkok cost us 150/200 THB (€3-€5) even when the traffic was pretty chocabloc.

On the islands the price was much cheaper and it didn’t feel quite as dangerous because there was less traffic.

In Chiang Mai there are loads of tuktuks and not much traffic in the old city but they still charge 50 THB minimum


Songthaews are like pick-up trucks with benches along the side, they also have a roof to keep the sun & rain out but the sides are open. There aren’t any public buses in Thailand so Songthaews are like the buses.

In some places they have a set route so you flag one down and see which direction they are going in, if where you want to go is on their route you jump in the back. You pay when you get out, its usually between 20-100 THB depending on how far you go.

In other places, like Chiang Mai the Songthaews dont have a route, you just flag one down and tell them where you want to go, if they say no then you just stop the next one, there are hundreds of them !  Its more like a taxi than a bus. In Chiang Mai all trips cost 20 THB (€0.50)



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