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ZZ Ninja Kid: Family friendly surf, skate & SUP – Barcelona

Pukas Surf Eskola transformed ZZ Ninja Kid into a “Surf Dude” at 4 years old


We live in the Barceloneta, a beach district in the Gothic quarter of Barcelona … think South Beach Miami but more family friendly 😉 I guess it was normal that ZZ would want to hang out with the cool surfers but I didn’t expect it when he was only 4 years old !?

Luckily there is a super cool surf school = Pukas Surf Eskola, on the beach down by the uber trendy W Hotel.

ZZ has an Irish friend called Eli, who is several years older and was taking surf lessons at Pukas, Eli is a very talented kid on a skateboard, skates & a surfboard, he’d appeared in a few TV reports about the Barcelona surf culture so ZZ was on a mission to emulate his idol and be a surfer dude.

He hassled me non stop to take him to Pukas to ask about Surf lessons, I told him he was too young but he wouldn’t take no for an answer.
One weekend I decided it was easier for them to explain why he was too young, rather than me keep saying NO, so off we went, the conversation went more or less like this:

ZZ: Hello Im ZZ and I want to learn to surf like Eli

Pukas: Hola ZZ, OK that’s cool, is Eli your friend ? How old are you ?

ZZ: Yes Eli’s my friend but he’s a bit older, I’m only 4 but I still want to Surf and I want to be on your next TV program

Pukas: OK dude, that sound like a plan, lets get you into a wetsuit

The Pukas team were FANTASTIC with ZZ, even though their instructors are super cool & trendy 20 year olds they were patient, understanding & encouraging with a little 4 year old.

Three years later and ZZ still spends lots of weekends at their monthly surfclubs (sat & sun mornings = 120€ month) and also their summer day camps (200€ for 5 mornings = 10€ hour)

A special shoutout to Gabi & Javi who’ve been fantastic role models (as well as encouraging the kids to practice hard so they can surf their way around the world they also remind them that schoolwork is important too !)

If you’re in Barcelona for a few days, I’d REALLY recommend wandering along the Barceloneta beach towards the Hotel W, have a drink in one of the “Chiringuito” beach bars and drop into the Pukas beach hut.

Whether it be surfing, skateboarding or SUP, what better way to spend a few hours in Barcelona ??



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