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ZZ Ninja Kid: World Snooze Tour #14 Space Coast, Florida

We spent 4 days on the Space Coast in Florida which is a cool name for Cocoa Beach & the Kennedy Space Centre area.

Our hotel was the International Palm Resort on Cocoa Beach, it was right on the beach with really white sand that was super soft and it stuck to your body like you’d rolled in sugar.

The swimming pool had a pirate boat with some small slides & water cannons.

Our room was pretty much the same as the one in Orlando, with 2 double beds, fridge, wifi. But it was double the price !

Mama says we’re paying for the view & being so close to the beach and that the Orlando hotel was very good value and we will probably not get such a good room for that price in all our time in USA.

Kennedy Space Centre was amazing, I might want to be an astronaut and go on the Orion Mission to Mars (Mama says it would be safer to be an architect).

International Palms Resort: We paid $100 USD night x 4 nights.

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