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ZZ Ninja Kid: World Snooze Tour #19 St Petes Beach, Florida, USA

Palm Crest Hotel on St Petes Beach

My great-grandma used to stay at this hotel on St Petes Beach every year for about 30 years, Mama also came here when she was little, we went to see if it had changed, Mama said it was exactly as she remembered.

Palm Crest is a little hotel with only 15 rooms and its right on the sand. Our bedroom was a suite with 2 double beds, a kitchen/dining room/lounge and it had a view of the pool & beach.

It wasn’t a modern hotel but it was very nice, I liked it a lot !

Breakfast with the Dolphins

In the mornings we had our breakfast on the beach and watched the dolphins swimming along really close to us, one of them even jumped super high out of the water right in front of us.

Most of the other people who stay here come every single year at the same time, so everyone knows each other.

I made a few friends from Canada and we built “beaver dams” in the pool out of all the floating mats & noodles, at night the pool lights went on and we could swim in the dark because the pool didn’t close until 22h.

Cost: $95 USD (includes wifi). It was our biggest room so far and the closest to the beach & pool.

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