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ZZ Ninja Kid: World Snooze Tour #21 Jungle House, Tulum, Mexico

A jungle house in Tulum

Our home in Tulum was a house in jungle ! It was an Airbnb, a French guy called Tibo came to Mexico and built his house in the middle of the jungle.

Its a really nice, modern house, not at all what I was expecting when Mama called it a “jungle house”. Its separated into 3 “cabañas”, ours had 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a big lounge/kitchen and a cool terrace with a sofa, dining table/chairs and my favourite thing in the whole house …. a hammock !!!!! I used it a lot, I even did all my homework in it !

There was also a cool  swimming pool & a well to get fresh water,  they had 4 dogs which I played with.

A Python & a Jet-Lagged Cockerel

A cockerel woke us up every day at 4am, the sun wasnt even coming up, he must have jetlag 😉

Tibo is thinking about buying the cockerel from them in exchange for lots of ducks, so he doesn’t have to get woken up so early every day.

One day we saw a 2metre python on the road outside the house just by our car, it could easily have slithered into our garden ! We were so shocked we forgot to take a photo 🙁

Opposite Tibo’s house there were some houses where the local Mexican people live, I cant believe they live in a wooden hut with no doors or windows, I could see they have hammocks hanging up for their beds, there were about 5 children and parents in a very small hut, thats where the noisy cockerel lives too !

Cost: $140 USD x 6 nights

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  1. Sacha
    November 25, 2015 at 11:24 pm

    It looks amazing. Very cool and relaxed?

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