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ZZ Ninja Kid: World Snooze Tour #24 Hotel Grand Memories Varadero, Cuba

Rained out at the beach

Our last weekend with Ninja Grandparents we stayed at an all inclusive resort on Varadero beach called Gran Memories Varadero. It was very nice and our bedroom was big with 2 double beds and a balcony looking at the swimming pool.

Frogs swam into our bedroom !

Unfortunately it rained torrentially for 2 days so we only had one day on the beach. It flooded so badly we had to wade through dirty water nearly up to my knees (Mama said it was only rainwater but it was brown !!!)  One night we found dozens of tiny frogs in the bedroom, they must have swam in, so we had to change rooms to a higher floor.

Food was dreadful, the wine & cocktails even worse

The food wasn’t great, it was all inclusive but none of us wanted to eat much. Mama & Yaya said the wine was undrinkable so they tried some cocktails, I had a few “virgin” pina coladas & strawberry daquiris but they didn’t have any fruit in them, they were made from a sweet coloured syrup that didn’t even taste of fruit ! When we asked about gluten free food the Head Chef wasn’t even sure what gluten-free meant so Yaya & I had upset stomachs for a few days.

Varadero is fun in the sun but horrible in the rain

When the sun came out Varadero beach was nice and so was the pool, I went swimming in the pool even though it was raining, they had a cool bar with bar stools inside the water, I made some friends from Canada.
Cost: $130 CUC/USD night (all inclusive) for both of us

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