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ZZ Ninja Kid: World Snooze Tour #25 Patio Andalu, Cienfuegos, Cuba

Flamenco in Cienfuegos

Patio Andalu is a proper “casa particular” where Joel, Ivet & their 3 year old son Calé live.
Joel is a famous flamenco artist, he also has a Spanish cooking show on Cuban TV. Ivet is an artist who has her paintings in lots of galleries in Cienfuegos.
We ate at their house every night and it was really good, a mix of Spanish & Cuban so amazingly we didn’t have rice & beans for every meal.
They have a patio in their back garden with a small stage where they have Flamenco shows with guitar playing, singing & dancing.
Our 4 nights here really felt like living with a Cuban family.
I can’t believe that such a famous person in Cuba gets paid so little, all 3 of them share a bedroom so they can rent out their other room to tourists like us, they even use their neighbours bathroom so their guests can have the bathroom to themselves. In Spain a famous singer/dancer/TV Chef would live in a mansion & have a housekeeper !
Cost:  $25 CUC/USD night + $5 CUC/USD breakfast each (4 nights)
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