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ZZ Ninja Kid: World Snooze Tour #4 Marina Port Vell, Barcelona Spain

I love going on my godparents boat in Marina Port Vell in Barcelona because I can fish from the back deck.

Ive caught a few fish but theyre not edible so I throw them straight back into the sea.

From the top deck I can see all the way from the Montjuic Castle and the Christopher Columbus statue at the bottom of Las Ramblas to the Tibidabo mountain at the top of the city.

The main cabin has a huge bed with a window in the ceiling, I can climb out of it onto the sunbathing deck.

The bathrooms are kind of weird and you have to be really careful with the toilets (they call them “heads”), you mustn’t throw any paper down them and you have to flush by pumping a pedal with your foot.

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