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ZZ Ninja Kid: World Snooze Tour #5 Peñiscola, Spain

I LOVE LOVE LOVE staying at the beach house with my grandparents. They have a house with a garden and a HUGE swimming pool where my friends & cousins hang out and swim & leap off the diving board.

Las Fuentes beach is super cool as there are loads of underground rivers that bubble up under the sand to make sink-holes and really big, shallow rivers & lakes. We make damns and build castles with moats that fill up by themselves. This summer we built Hogwarts on the beach, it was almost as good as the Minecraft version 🙂

Down by the lighthouse we go crab fishing in the rock pools.

We also pretend we’re in quicksand and slide into the sink-holes up to our waists.

I have a bunkbed and sometimes I sleep at the top and other nights on the bottom bunk.


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