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ZZ Ninja Kid: World Snooze Tour #8 Ilfracombe, England

My cousins have just moved down to North Devon so we went to see them in their new house in Ilfracombe.

Bram, Nye & I all slept in the same room which was really cool.

Nye has a bearded dragon called Wade and Bram has two huge stick insects called Black Widow & Hawk Eye, but Black Widow actually died when I was there so Uncle Gavin made him a viking death boat and gave him a floating burial.

We went to Tunnel Beach where you have to go through a tunnel under the mountain,  when the tide is up the beach is tiny but when the tide is out there are LOADS of rock pools and even a HUGE one like a swimming pool.

We normally go to England at Christmas so Ive never been there while its warm & sunny, we swam in the rock pools all afternoon and it was nearly as warm as Barcelona.

I cant believe how much the tides go in and out on the beaches here !!!!

In Barcelona there’s no change in the sea level so it doesn’t look like we have tides at all.

In Ilfracombe & Woolacombe the sea goes out literally miles !

Mama thinks North Devon is beautiful & picturesque.

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