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ZZ Ninja Kid: World Snooze Tour Bed #28 Holguin, Cuba

Bed #28 Casa Don Santiago, Holguin, Cuba

We went to Holguin because we were trying to find the village where my Cuban grandparents came from, its called Iberia but its so tiny no-one seemed to know where it was. We eventually found a taxi driver who knew it but we didn’t have time to go and see it, its very near the beach of Gibara so next time we’re in Cuba we can go visit and see if I have any long-lost cousins.
In Holguin we stayed at Don Santiagos house which was in the Lonely Planet too, it was the only Casa we stayed at in all of Cuba that was in a block of apartments.
Santiago & his wife had some very long, political conversations with Mama, they agreed with Fidel Castro and the revolution so Mama thought they were really interesting.
Santiago used to be a Engineer and worked in Russia & Cuba designing power plants but he makes more money having tourists to stay for 2 nights than he used to earn in 1 month !
We had dinner at the house both nights & I loved their “tostones” = fried banana chips. In the evenings the neighbours dragged a ping pong table out into the street and played table tennis in the road under the street light until the sun came up, we could hear the ball bouncing all night !
We climbed to the top of the big hill in Holguin, its called Loma de la Cruz, it has 465 steps and NO shade, we were seriously sweating when we got to the top, Mama says the only thing keeping her going was that someone had promised us there was a bar at the top !
The next day both of us had very sore calf muscles.
Cost: $25 CUC/USD/€ night + $5 each breakfast (x 2 nights)
Calle Narciso Lopez 258, apartment 3, 2nd floor, Holguin, T: 53 (24) 426146
Santiagos friend Jorge has a large villa nearby and also rents rooms: T: +53 24 423823
(his wife is a Physio, Massage & Reiki therapist and Mama & I both had a treatment = $20 hour)

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