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ZZ Ninja Kid: World Snooze Tour Bed #29 Baracoa, Cuba

Bed #29 Casa Nilson, Las Terrazas, Baracoa, Cuba

In Baracoa we stayed at Las Terrazas, another place from Lonely Planet, Our room was big with 2 double beds but only 1 had sheets on it so Mama & I had to share. The house was cool but the decoration was a bit odd, Mama said our room looked like a cabaret girls bedroom.
Nilson lives on the ground floor, on the middle floor there are 2 rooms which he rents and the top floor is a paladar restaurant with afro caribbean “Santeria” religious decoration.
We ate our breakfast & dinner in the restaurant looking at the sea.
In the evenings we went to the Casa de la Trova because they had live music and we could dance salsa.
Cost: $25 CUC/USD/€ night + $5 each breakfast (x 4 nights)
Casa Nilson, Las Terrazas, Flor Crombet 143, Baracoa  T: +53 (0121) 643123
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