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ZZ Ninja Kid: World Snooze Tour Bed #34 Hotel Butterfly on Hollywood, Hong Kong

Bed #34 Hotel Butterfly on Hollywood, SOHO Hong Kong

We liked the Butterfly hotel in Kowloon so we stayed at another one of their hotels on Hong Kong Island, this one was on Hollywood Road in SOHO (South Hollywood). Mama likes this area of HK because its old & quirky, its full of art galleries & antique shops and there are lots of funky bars & restaurants.

Our first room was on a low floor, 707 on the 7th floor and it was very dark and very small (14m2). After one night Mama paid for an upgrade to a deluxe room (only €10 extra a day) and we moved to room 1502 on the 15th floor (the same number room as Butterfly on Prat !) which was much nicer, it was a bit bigger (18m2) and it had lots of windows so it didn’t feel like a prison (Mama was a bit claustrophobic in the other room).

The sink was in the bedroom on the same worktop as the desk so every-time I turned the tap on too hard it sprayed water onto the laptop, tablet & telephone, which annoyed Mama.

The bathroom is tiny but the shower has lots of lovely hot water and the water pressure is very hard so I can stand in the shower for ages, until Mama tells me the fire alarm will go off because of all the steam. In Cuba the water was always semi-cold and the water pressure was so rubbish I could never get all the shampoo out of my hair !

The beds at Butterfly are amazing, they are super comfortable and have feather duvets & different pillows to chose from, I like the soft one, Mama likes the firm one.

It had a little fridge, a kettle and good wifi. It was a bit cold the week we were here so they brought us a heater to make our room much more cosy.

Cost: $1000 HKD (€115) a night x 6 nights

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