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ZZ Ninja Kid: World Snooze Tour Bed #36 Bangkok, Thailand

Bed #36 Aaron & Phus pad in Bangkok

This is the BEST place we’ve stayed so far !

Aaron & Phu and the baby twins, Khai & Felix live in the Silom area of Bangkok in a fantastic mansion apartment, its way better than any of the hotels we’ve stayed at, even the posh ones !

We had a very big bedroom with a very comfy bed and the BIGGEST bathroom I have EVER seen ! I reckon its bigger than our lounge in Barcelona !

The swimming pool on the roof is really cool, you can see the whole city way down below you, we had to be careful playing water-polo because the ball nearly went over the side several times, imagine being down on the street and a water polo ball comes flying down from the sky like a meteorite !

Phu has some cool toys too, he let me race down the corridor on his hoverboard I was getting pretty good after a week. We went for lunch at Google and Phu gave me a Google Cardboard to do 3D stuff on my phone. He’s pretty cool for an adult !

I LOVE Bangkok too, now I have 3 favourite cities: Barcelona, La Habana & Bangkok 🙂

We went for a 2 hour Thai massage (€15) and a 1 hour foot massage & pedicure (€7) , I had one masseuse on each foot and she cut my nails much better than Mama does !

My favourite transport in Bangkok are the Tuktuks, they’re kind of like Cuban BiciTaxis with a motorbike engine, they really are crazy drivers ! We also went on a very cool speed boat tour of Bangkok, we raced round the canals like James Bond

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