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ZZ Ninja Kid: World Snooze Tour Bed #37 Overnight train from Bangkok

Bed #37 Overnight train from Bangkok to Trang

OK so this is the most UNcomfortable bed so far !

We went from Bangkok down to the South of Thailand to the islands in the Andaman Sea. Mama decided we should “rough it” on the train. We tried to get 1st class tickets in a private cabin but they were sold out for the next week, its Chinese New Year soon so maybe everyone is going to the beach.

We got tickets in 2nd class, which means you have a seat until 8pm then the porter comes round and makes up everyones bunkbed. The bottom ones are bigger and more comfy because they have the seat cushions underneath. They give you a sheet and a blanket and a pillow. The bunk also has a curtain so no-one in the corridor can see you sleeping. The bunk is 180cm x 70cm so it was big enough for me and the Thai people but it was a big short for Mama.

It was as bad as we were expecting, its very noisy because everyone is chatting and eating, street sellers get on the train at every stop and sell their food. Also people are getting off the train at lots of stops during the night.

The toilets were a hole in the floor that honestly if you slipped, your foot would go straight down onto the tracks ! The was no toilet paper so you had to “shower” yourself with the hose-pipe. It was VERY wet & slippery in there !

We got on the train in Bangkok at 16:00 and got off in Trang at 09:00, it arrived one hour late. Then we had to take a TukTuk, a minvan & 2 ferries to get to the island of Koh Lanta

  • Time: In total the journey took 22 hours, 17 hours on the train
  • Distance: 900km
  • Cost: It was pretty cheap = 1700 THB (€43) for both of us.


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