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ZZ Ninja Kid: World Snooze Tour Bed #39 Railay, Thailand

Bed #39 Krabi Tropical Beach

This is a pretty posh hotel compared to most of the other places we’ve stayed. Mama says its a “boutique hotel” which I think means small & posh.

The hotel is in Ao Nammao, a quiet area which is kind of between Ao Nang & Krabi town. Its on the coast behind Railay where the amazing limestone karst mountains are, the longboat pier is on the beach right by our hotel and it takes 10 minutes to Railay beach, we can see the limestone karsts from our balcony, the swimming pool and even the jacuzzi !

Our room is huge and we have a HUGE king size bed, our balcony looks over the pool, the beach and Railay cliffs, Mama LOVES the view, she gets up early and has a cup of tea on the balcony while Im still asleep.

I made a few friends here so I liked it even more, 2 French boys called Aginor & Morgane, a Belgian boy & a Thai boy, we are all 6-10 years old. The garden has a small zipline which we played on a lot, you have to climb up a ladder into the tree to get a good speed up.

We have breakfast & dinner on the terrace overlooking the beach, Mama likes to hear the waves.

Our French friends have a family room and it makes our room look small ! It has a MEGA HUGE bedroom with 2 king size beds, a lounge & a kitchen, they even have breakfast included, so they negotiated a really good deal !

Cost: 2600 THB (€65) night x 6 nights


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