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ZZ Ninja Kid: World Snooze Tour Bed #40 Chiang Mai, Thailand

Bed #40 Pak Chiang Mai, Thailand

This small hotel is a traditional Thai house made of wood with tropical gardens, pagoda & fish ponds, they also have lots of birds so it sounds like you really are in the jungle, even though its actually inside the old walled city.

It only has 9 bedrooms, our bedroom had a king sized bed with nice sheets (Mama always notices the sheets), the pillows were a bit high for me, but they usually are everywhere because I like a thin pillow.

The furniture was all made of wood, even the clothes hangers were made of bent twigs which were really cool.

In the pagoda there was a swinging sofa/hammock hanging from the ceiling which I loved,  the waterfall in the fish pond made a lovely noise as I was swinging and playing Minecraft 🙂

Right opposite there’s a very cool garden that’s full of terracotta statues & fountains, there’s a coffee shop with chairs among the statues which Mama loved, they have good wifi too ! (and a wine bar coming soon).

The hotel was 2 mins walk from the South gate of the old city which is where the street food market is every night and the big Saturday market.

Cost: 1800 THB (€45) night x 2 nights (inc: Breakfast) & wifi

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