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ZZ Ninja Kid: World Snooze Tour Bed #42 Children’s Shelter Foundation, Thailand

Bed #42 Joy’s House at the Children’s Shelter Foundation, Chiang Mai

We’re staying at Joy’s House in Chiang Mai for a week, Joy is a Thai lady who set up a foundation to help children from the Hill Tribes between Thailand & Myanmar. There aren’t any schools for the hill tribe people and lots of families can’t afford to look after their children,

There are 50 kids from 7-21 years old living at the Foundation. The older ones live at Joy’s House,  go to University in Chiang Mai and help out at the guesthouse,  the younger ones live on the farm and go to the local school in the village.

Our bedroom’s nice and has 2 big single beds, the shower’s inside but the top part of the walls are open to the garden (with mosquito nets).

The swimming pool at Joys is cool but very cold, which is good to cool down because it gets pretty hot in Chiang Mai.

Thai Cooking Classes

The food here is fantastic, we learnt how to cook Thai food with the students, we went to the market in a tuktuk to buy the ingredients, we cooked my favorites: Minced Pork Salad, Sweet & Sour Chicken, Tom Yum Kung (a spicy shrimp soup) and Mango Sticky Rice, then we ate it all for dinner !

At the farm we went to the hot springs and boiled eggs in little baskets, it only takes a few minutes but its strange because instead of cooking the egg from the outside first, leaving the yellow bit runny, in the hot springs the yellow yolk cooks first and the white bit stays runny, I don’t know why yet, I need to Google it ?!

We also played football and went swimming in the river.

The Foundation gets all its money from people who stay at the guesthouse and who want to donate money to the children.

Cost: 2300 THB (€60) night inc: breakfast, wifi is good. Dinner is 300 THB (€7.50) for adults and 100 THB (€2.50) kids

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