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ZZ Ninja Kid: World Snooze Tour Bed #43 Siem Reap, Cambodia

World Snooze Tour Bed #43 Rose Apple Hotel, Siem Reap, Cambodia

I like little boutique hotels like the Rose Apple, it has 18 bedrooms, we were in room #15 overlooking the pool, it had a double bed and aircon & a ceiling fan.

It kind of felt like home because its small and everyone is really friendly, we had breakfast & dinner on the terrace by the swimming pool. I loved their Beef Lok Lak with Belgian fries (the owner is Belgian so I guess thats why he calls them Belgian and not French fries ??).

The tuktuk to Pub Street (where all the bars & restaurants are) is only $2 and takes 5 mins, the food trucks make yummy mango smoothies for $1.

We had a Fish Spa pedicure ($3 for as long as you like) which I really liked even though I have super tickly feet, Mama wasn’t so keen on the fish eating the dead skin off her feet, she says she’d rather have a foot scrub & massage.

We visited lots of Temples at Angkor which were amazing, some of them have been restored but lots of them have been taken over by the jungle, there are trees growing on top of the walls and the temples are full of piles of broken stones and lots of spiders and geckos. It was like being in an Indiana Jones or Lara Croft movie !

Cost: $35 USD night (7 nights) inc: Breakfast & wifi

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