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ZZ Ninja Kid: World Snooze Tour Bed #55 Golden Central Hotel, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Bed #55 Golden Central Hotel, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

I was a bit sad when my friends Liliana & Eloise went home to Brunei, we had fun at the Rex Hotel but it was too short. We moved to the Golden Central hotel which wasnt so posh, but still MUCH posher than anywhere we stayed in Cambodia ! We like this area of Saigon better, its right by Ben Thanh market and a cool Street Food Market where we ate a lot.

I made a new friend at the rooftop pool, his name is Noah, he is Vietnamese/Swedish and speaks very good English, he plays Minecraft too so it was lucky the hotel wifi was good enough to connect to the same world.

Our bedroom is #1008 on the 10th floor, it has a great view of city below us, there arent many other high buildings in HCMC.

The swimming pool on the roof was quite small (6x3m) but it had a super strong water jet that was like a swim trainer, you could swim in the same place without moving forward, you got a lot of water in your face though !

We went on my favourite tour so far, a “Saigon by Night” on the back of mopeds with XO Tours. The traffic is CRAZY and every moped that whizzed past me turned around to look at me or even touch me (while they were still moving !). Im not sure if its true but apparently 59 people die every day on mopeds in Vietnam !!!

We also went down into the tunnels of Cu Chi, where the Viet Cong escaped from the Americans during the war, it was tiny, dark & HOT down there, it must have been really, really scary 🙁

Cost: $70 usd night (x 4 nights) Inc: good breakfast buffet, wifi, aircon

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