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ZZ Ninja Kid: World Snooze Tour Bed #57 Cua Dai, Vietnam

World Snooze Tour Bed #57 Hoi An Beach Resort, Cua Dai, Vietnam

My friend Noah who I met in Saigon is in Cua Dai (Hoi An Beach Resort) this week, so Mama has booked us in here too 🙂

This hotel is more expensive than the Hoi An Marina because its supposed to be on the beach and the river, BUT the whole beach got washed away in a hurricane but the hotel seems to have “forgotten” to mention it !

Its a very nice hotel but I prefer the Marina because the pool is bigger. We stayed in 2 different rooms which were quite luxurious, one had a garden with a view of the river and one had a balcony with a view of where the beach used to be, both of them had very nice bath-tubs 🙂

The rectangular swimming pool was very cool (15m x 5m), its an infinity pool next to the river so its hard to see where the pool ends and the river starts, although the pool is a bit bluer, the river is a bit greener. The other pool is a funny shaped pool, it looks like circles all joined together.

The best thing about this hotel was I got to play with Noah for 5 days, we played in the pool, fed the ducks in the river, tried to fish, connected on Minecraft and played billiards.

We also went to An Bang beach about 10 mins up the coast where they still have a beach. The fishermen there have some super weird boats, they look like huge half coconut shells, they are totally round so it must be hard to row, we watched some of them row out over the waves but they made it look easy !

Cost: $90 usd (x 5 nights) Inc: Big breakfast buffet, wifi, aircon, 2 swimming pools, shuttle buses to An Bang beach & Hoi An town.

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