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ZZ Ninja Kid: World Snooze Tour Bed #59 Sleeper Train – Hue to Hanoi, Vietnam

World Snooze Tour Bed #59 Sleeper Train Hue to HaNoi, Vietnam

We thought we’d try a Vietnamese sleeper train to see how they compare to the Thai ones. It was easy to book the ticket at a travel agent for 10 days in advance.

We boarded the train in Hue at 4pm and we arrived in Hanoi at 5.30am so just over 13 hours.

This time we had a private carriage with 4 beds, 2 bunk beds. Mama & I had the bottom ones because we learnt from our Thai train that they are more comfortable. The beds were already made up when we got on so that was good, the only thing is the 2 Vietnamese men who were in the bunks above us obviously didn’t want to lie on their beds yet so they sat on ours !

A street food trolley came around at 7pm selling noodles & soup & pork for $1.5usd.

There was a group of 16 French grannies & grandads in the carriages near us and they got totally drunk and made lots of noise ALL night !!!

I slept OK (Mama didnt sleep at all) but at 4am they woke us up to prepare for the station … which was 90 minutes away !!!!!!

We took a taxi to the hotel in Hanoi at 6am but our room wasn’t ready until 12 noon so we had to go sightseeing and I was grumpy & tired. Ive decided I dont like arriving in a city too early 🙁

  • Cost: $60 usd for both of us ($40 + $20).
  • Distance: 700km
  • Time: 13 hours
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