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ZZ Ninja Kid: Indoor Flying, Free Fall parachute simulator – Girona, Spain

Leap of Faith – free fall parachute jump in a wind tunnel, great adventure for adults & kids
ZZNinjaKid’s godmother Estelle, bought him an exciting experience for Christmas, a free fall session in a wind tunnel which simulates a parachute jump, at the Windoor Empuriabrava Parachute club near Girona.
It brought back some great memories for me as a long time ago for my 30th birthday present, Estelle and my girfriends gifted me a parachute jump right here at the same airfield !
Im really not good with heights and was scared to death, I don’t think I’d ever have jumped if I hadn’t been attached to the instructor, he leapt out the plane door while I was still procrastinating,
The amazing sensation of free falling is still my number one adrenaline rush ever.
ZZ was kitted out in a blue jumpsuit, helmet and googles and led into the wind tunnel, he was SO excited he didnt even look back to wave at us !
The instructor gave him a brief explanation of what to expect and without further ado he launched himself headfirst through the tunnel door & whirled up into the abyss, he certainly didn’t inherit my vertigo !
He absolutely loved his first session and got right back in line to fly again !
He was euphoric afterwards and cant wait to try it again, I have to admit I did feel a little envious of that adrenaline rush, maybe next time we’ll do a tandem jump !

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