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ZZ Ninja Kid: Lost a tooth, snowboarding wipeout – Barcelona

Ninja Mom & ZZ Ninja Kid: Snowboarding Buddies
This year ZZ decided to make the switch from skiing to snowboarding so we can board together. The cheeky monkey thinks he’ll be chasing me down the black runs in no time !
I booked him a 3 hour lesson to get him started, even though he reckoned it wasn’t necessary, oh to be so confident !!
When we stopped for lunch he was convinced he’d broken his butt, he could hardly sit down his backside was so sore. I thought he might chicken out the following day but he soldiered on and by lunchtime we were zigzagging down a couple of red runs much to his delight. He obviously gets his incredible stamina, balance and natural technique from his mother 😉
Pride obviously comes before a fall and boy was it a spectacular fall, ignoring my warning calls he was speeding way too fast, caught an edge and did a triple back flip tumbling about 50m down the slope, my heart stopped as I watched him snowball down the mountain.
Luckily he jumped straight back up & dusted himself down, nothing broken this time…. except for the front tooth he’s been wriggling around all week but refusing to pull out, knocked out in the wipeout !
He adamantly trawled the slope for ages, searching for his tooth, I succeeded in dragging him home only after multiple assurances the tooth fairy (AND Ratoncito Perez = Spanish version of the Tooth Fairy) would find it amongst the snow and leave him “something” under his pillow.
So he now has the hugest gap ever, both front teeth are gone and no new ones poking through, but most importantly a very cool story to justify such a toothless grin.

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