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ZZZ Ninja Mom: My “Eat Pray Love” moment

What is ZZZ World Ninjas all about ? … Eat Pray Love

My new years resolution in January 2015 was to make some BIG life changes, I wasn’t exactly sure what our new life should look like but I felt we werent living life to the full, I guess it was my “Eat Pray Love” moment.

My son & I had lived for years in the Barceloneta, a funky neighbourhood on the beach in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, I had a great job in Marketing, lots of friends & an active social life but never enough time to enjoy most of it!

Spanish office hours aren’t particularly flexible and definitely not family friendly, a normal day is 9am-7pm with a 2 hour lunch break which traditionally meant “siesta” but in big cities where everyone lives a long way from their office it’s not viable to go home for lunch so generally you just end up working 9-7pm.

I was also doing a Postgrad degree at Barcelona University three nights a week from 6-10pm, in a work related subject so I could try and keep up with latest trends and do my job effectively.

This meant I needed a nanny to pick up ZZ five nights a week, by the time I got home he was often already in bed or I was totally exhausted and ready for bed myself.

On weekends I’d run around like a headless chicken trying to make up for not spending enough time with ZZ during the week, organizing 48 hours of all singing, all dancing, non stop “mom & son entertainment”: surfing, swimming, snowboarding, fishing, boating, museums, aquarium, zoo visits, restaurants, cinema, theatre, magic shows etc etc

We weren’t by any means unhappy with our lives, I just felt life could be easier, simpler, slower, less stressful.

Way, way back in the late 1990’s during our Christmas vacation in Boracay Philippines, my very good friend Brendan initiated me into the habit of writing down my years objectives in a “goal book”. Ive tried to take time out every New Year since, to define where I am and where I want to be, it’s actually a very therapeutic exercise.

My January 2015 list of goals were:

  • Spend more time with ZZ

  • Dedicate time to myself, rediscover my mojo

  • Have fun with family & friends

  • Work less hours or at least more flexible hours, maybe from home

  • Travel and enjoy discovering the world with ZZ

  • Collaborate with volunteer projects, teach ZZ to value & appreciate life & our environment.

  • Live with Passion !

I’m very goal orientated and once I get an idea in my head there’s no stopping me. Once I’d decided a big change was necessary I immediately started defining the plan.

By Easter 2015 I’d negotiated a career break from my job so ZZ & I could take a year out and embark on a Round the World adventure !

I wanted to create a blog to document our world adventures and hence…. ZZZ World Ninjas was born.

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